Attention Seeking and Mindless Social Media Users

By: Oluwaseun Akinwale

Social media has become an important factor when it comes to communication in this day and age. Social media also has many negative attributes when it comes to the content released online. Social media has a vast array of people that use it for their benefit. It lets you get access to peoples lives in every way shape and form. Such as information such as names, address, school, jobs and much more information that the average stranger shouldn’t know about you.

Social media crimes are growing due to the fact that many people are seeking media attention for everything they do whether good or bad. In one case several teenagers had beaten and killed a disabled veteran while filming on Facebook live. There was clearly no logic behind this crime due to the fact it makes it easier for police to identify who committed crimes through video evidence that the criminal created. Clearly many aren’t using their minds when it comes to social media due to people following behind each other like mindless sheep.

There also has been people willing to kill themselves while filming on Facebook live and other social media networks. There was a case of a teenage girl that hung herself on a tree while filming live on Facebook. The girl had killed herself due to bullying. Her mother had called her as soon as she committed the act which was too late. While many  people were commenting in the video tell her to stop and not to kill herself. The sad part was the video didn’t even stop till forty minutes after the fact.

Cyber bullying has stayed a large part of social media. People that have so much times on their hands willing to comment and make videos just to insult someone. It takes a toll on people that don’t have strong backs to hold up all the comments being spewed at them. It’s painful but, it’s what people have to deal with unless they disconnect themselves from every form of social media.

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