Beyonce goes BeyTWICE.

By Abisola Adeyemi



Beyonce aka Queen Bee  recently announced she is expecting TWINS on Instagram!!!

We are excited for Jay and Bey, babies are a bundle of joy, and twins are double the blessing and fun.

This pregnancy announcement was a very interesting time on social media. Most of the time i just sip my tea and speculate when it comes to celebrity lives.

They’re no different from us. I see a pregnancy post and I’m like “aww congrats” and i go on about my day, but Bey’s fans were super excited while others were like “does she pay y’all’s bills?,” so what are y’all so excited about haha.

This particular picture above was shared millions of times and i even had Facebook friends saying “We’re pregnant!”it was all cute and funny, and then the memes were hilarious.


This was rather clever. I kind of wish i came up with this myself lol.

Then there  were those that remade the picture. Like ( cough cough) Ellen Degeneres.


I agree with @tigernath123 you look hilariously weird haha.

Back in 2011 when she was pregnant with first daughter Blue Ivy, a photo was captured at an interview that exposed a foldable belly. Didn’t know they made those lol.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 8.05.05 PM.png

Critics questioned if her pregnancy is for real this time or not. I mean the belly photo was very bold in your face out there this time. While others wondered why she even had to post a picture with less clothing.

I feel the controversy  from back then is what sparked this reveal.

Sarah Haines, co-host on the view gave an interesting break down of this photo which can be seen below.

Beyonce Announces She’s Having Twins | The View (copy and past into youtube to watch)

It was just interesting to see the internet arguing back and forth about matters in the life of Beyonce. Regardless of what the people say, i not interested in criticizing her life or attacking her fans about why they are so excited about her pregnancy.

Im just happy for her, and i love that social media can come together and celebrate the coming of her babies.








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