Building Your Network Using Popular Events, featuring Best Buy and The Grammys

By Parker Cantu


The Grammys are in full force tonight, and Twitter is all abuzz with news regarding the recording industries biggest event of the year. It comes as no surprise that #GRAMMYs is trending on Twitter and everyone and their mother is talking about it. As I was scrolling through my feed I noticed that Best Buy is tweeting about the Grammys by mentioning winners and linking to the artists’ albums on their website.

Tweeting about current events as they happen is one of the many great ways to help your Twitter network grow. When done right, it can bring some very positive attention to your brand. Best Buy is doing things right, and is getting people to engage with their brand through polls, trivia questions, and winner announcements and promotions as the night goes on.

Best Buy is already an established brand, but there are some other tricks you can use if your brand isn’t very big on social media or if you’re just starting out.


One way to get in on the action from a popular event is taking advantage of trending hash tags. For example, this time of the year is a great time to use #GRAMMYs to throw your brand into the conversation. Maybe even use another hashtag or two that are being talked about. Trying to start another conversation by creating your own hashtag next to a trending hashtag can generate some engagement too if the hashtag gets some users talking about it.

Just remember to actually tweet in an interesting way instead of filling your tweets with hashtags. You want your twitter to look like it’s engaging with its audience. You don’t want it to look like you’re an ad spewing spam account.


Screenshots taken from Best Buy’s official Twitter account.



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