DeploraBall:Worth the Invite?

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Upon my previous editor and friend’s recommendation, I have become hooked on ‘This American Life’ podcast. I’m still new to the podcast game, so I don’t listen to TAL’s episodes in order or immediately after they are released. This is why I was behind on hearing their take of Inauguration Day, but as I listened to a non-apologetic millennial explain “DeploraBall,” I knew I found my blog topic.


According to my further research, DeploraBall was a celebratory event held at the same time as President Donald Trump’s Inauguration Ball. Its namesake stems from Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorable” comment made in a campaign speech referring to Trump supporters. Although Clinton later apologized for the comment, it spread like fire amongst the Twitterverse and those active on social media.

This American Life dove into the ball and commented on how many “Make America Great Again” hats were worn with black ties and ballgowns. What really amazed me was when an attendee told the reporter he believed Twitter followers were the true reason President Trump was elected. As he put it, “This is because of Twitter, we did this. We swayed the culture.”

If this is true, imagine what it means for all future presidential candidates! We are all aware of how brash and abrasive President Trump can be with his tweets. If Clinton had the same presence, would that have helped her chances of winning? Has our society let memes control our opinion changes in politics? If that’s the case, then it really is true that there s no such thing as bad publicity. I’m very interested to see if Trump’s continued blunt use of Twitter helps or hurts his presidency in the next four years.

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