Facebook Inc. Grows Every Day

Facebook Inc. Becomes More Relevant Every Day

Facebook Inc. is one of the most populated and most used social media site around the world. According to https://www.statista.com, there are over 1.8 billion active profiles around the world, the opportunities and benefits are endless in the personal world along with organizations and businesses.


With relation to public relations and advertisement through Facebook Inc., it can affect brands, trends, and events at the click of a button. Some statistics even mention that Facebook Inc. has one of the most efficient ways of communicating with a specific audience. According to https://www.postplanner.com, there are many different ways to use Facebook Inc. to its full extent. Overall, there are seven well-known reasons as to why Facebook Inc. can improve businesses.

  1. Easy access to events
  2. Updated Calendars
  3. Connection between employees and customers
  4. Cheaper Advertisement Expenses
  5. Create Customer Loyalty

Creating easy access to events is a very important way to begin a loyal customer base. Without the ease of a click of a button, many users would not work hard to find out more information. Another way to get the most use out of Facebook Inc. is by keeping an updated calendar at all times. This goes along with easy access and how it always let’s the public know important dates. The third reason as to why Facebook Inc. is useful to businesses is the connection between employers and customers. This connection is key. Relationships are such an important role in people’s decisions, so making sure there is good communication is essential. This also goes along with the advertisement. Cheaper advertising is becoming more popular through the use of social media. Through Facebook Inc., the advertising opportunities almost seem endless no matter what the good or service is.

Lastly is creating customer loyalty. This is crucial because if you continually satisfy your customers, they will typically stay loyal and spread word to their friends and family.


In the end, Facebook Inc. is useful for more than just the typical personal profile. Yes, the personal profiles are still common, but business usage on social media is growing every single day.




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