Fashion and Diversity?!?! Thanks Social Media!

By: KeAndra Hill


It’s no secret the power social media holds in society. No longer are we a product of the ‘Trickle Down Effect’, but now as consumers, we are able to have a much stronger influence on industries and create our own effects.

One of the most prominent and persistent movements that never seems to cease is the fight for equality in society. Believe it or not, the fight for equality in the fashion and beauty industry (and entertainment industry) has been a huge issue. The improvement of equality in these industries has been moving slow for years, but now there may be a tool to speed the process; social media.


Social media has created the perfect platforms for people to make statements and support movements. Consider moguls of the industry such as Shala Monroque, Edward Enninful, Tamu Macpherson, June Ambrose, and many others. Social media only began as an outlet for them, but has now evolved into something much larger and much more powerful. These people of color have had the courage to make huge impacts in their industries that have historically and typically had an unpleasant relationship with people of color. These people have not only made statements about their art, but have also gone beyond that and made statements about their cultures and about what exactly makes them who they are. Great people have been using their social media platforms to really change the perceptions of the industries and the western cultures’ ‘Ideal Beauty’ standards. The awareness of these people have allowed for their platforms to share and hopefully evoke understandings of their individual cultures.

Showcases of people of color in these industries not only educates, but also inspires. Young men and women can now see people of their resemblance being represented as strong, powerful and beautiful with more ease. This is very empowering for others and builds a confidence and builds identities in cultures that at some point may have faltered in such.


I personally appreciate the new ways social media platforms have been used to enlighten and empowering others. I also appreciate the courage of powerful, creative people using their platforms to really make a difference.



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