Grammy Night on Twitter

By Ruben Garcia | @kingrubencito

Tonight is the 59th Annual Grammy Awards! Today we celebrate the accomplishments that have occurred in the music industry for the past year with all the famous celebrities and musicians. While some people are honored to witness the famous event in person, a majority of the world will be seeing it live in the comfort of their own home. During major televised events, people flock to social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to share the live opinions of the show. It brings people together. People love to have connections to what they feel. What I love about the live events is the how funny everyone can be on Twitter. Many blogs, internet famous people, etc. use their platforms at this time to engage with their audience. Everyone has an opinion, good or bad, when it comes to the fashion, the performances, and all the controversial moments that will happen at the event tonight. During big events, Twitter reminds me of one huge family that it watching television together and everyone is sharing their opinion out loud. According to a blog written by Sheldon Levine, we see how much the 2016 Grammys made an impression on social media.


These numbers above represent a full day’s worth of social media activity because the show was on a lot of people’s minds throughout the day.


Here is the timeline of the day of the 58th Annual Grammys and when the 5.7 million tweets occurred through the day.The show was televised at the and everyone tweeted while they watched the show. According to the graph, only 98.3% of the tweets didn’t go past single tweet “conversation.” This means people were just live-tweeting the event and voicing their opinions and not discussing the show with each other, which can be done through retweeting and favorite as an easy way to say “I agree with you.”

I hope everyone enjoys tweeting and watching the Grammys tonight!


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