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By: Azzy Herrera

Since the first recorded Olympic Games in 760 BC, sports and the athletes who participate in them have always been idolized by many. With the efficiency and availability to receive news directly in your hand due to social media, there is no dire need to search for the nearest newsstand. That being said, well-known professional athletes have the power to advertise for a brand through their own social media accounts and make a potential consumer’s decision to partake in that brand within a matter of seconds.

Brands have realized with the rise of people using social media (2/3 of Americans, to be exact), what more of a less-costly and direct way to to reach your targeted audience than with someone who they “trust”. The chosen athlete uses her/his platform to relay the message and receives a sufficient amount of compensation for simply one tweet or post out of their day.

Some of the athletes who are sponsored by tweets are Cristiano Rolando, a professional soccer player, and Lebron James, a professional basketball player in the NBA.



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Athletes who are well informed in the marketing life, especially as they become more and more famous in the public eye, have the opportunity to benefit athletes themselves as well as the brand they choose to work with. Info-redes-socialesEN.jpg

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Social media has the power to create passageways for brands, people, communities, as well to bring together diverse people from all backgrounds within similar interests. Following your favorite athlete and seeing what they wear on a daily basis only drives us to want to go to the nearest Nike store and buy those $120 dollar shoes. Although clothing won’t make us millionaires such as them, it makes the person wearing them feel empowered and somewhat to that athlete’s level of fame.

There really is no loser.


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