Off-season Begins

By: Evan Haras

With the New England Patriots, recently being crowned the Super bowl champions that means the offseason is officially here. We have close to eight more months until we see the National Football League resume. Key additions in the NFL draft, free agency, and trades can turn once playoff hopefuls into Super bowl contenders. The biggest question that highlights the offseason is what is “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys going to do with once starting quarterback Tony Romo. He is by far the most talented commodity that will be available at his position and possibly player. With being under contract with the Dallas Cowboys until 2019 the trade block is where he will be found. In a league where they put an emphasize on the quarterback position many teams will be looking to land the once starter. Romo was hurt at the start of preseason allowing rookie quarterback Dak Prescott to step in and take over the team. Romo spent most of the season watching the future of the Dallas Cowboys make it all the way to the second of the playoffs only to fall short to the Green Bay Packers. With Prescott starting at quarterback the Cowboys had achieved thirteen wins and getting the first-round bye in the playoffs only proving that he is the future of the Dallas Cowboys. We constantly saw Romo on the sidelines often looking like he knew that his future with the team was uncertain. If he wants to play next season he is going to have to look at another team. The Dallas Cowboys also have some incentive to get rid of him as well to allow more cap space to go after key additions to fill holes in more glaring positions. If they keep him on the roster they will owe him 14 million in 2017 and 40 million over the next two seasons. If they look to release him his salary will still count against their cap. The best option would be to trade him especially with possible teams getting in line to try to land him.


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