Social Media changing the way men’s fashion is being exposed…

Men’s Fashion is constantly changing all the time. Every season there are new trends happening? In the past it seems that you could look at major fashion trends decade by decade but now you may have to look the major trends year by year. Men could see fashion trends from celebrities and magazines like GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) but in today’s modern times social media is the main source of getting current fashion trends. Today social media influencers are displaying current trends in real time every day for their followers to see. Brands let these influencers showcase their  brands to give the brand exposure. Brands also have their own social media pages and accounts to showcase the brand to help the brands develop and showcase the brand’s image.

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The way these men’s fashion brands are using social media is helping brands directly interact with their customers and boost sales. Smaller menswear brands that are not yet widely known can now get exposer to crowds and populations around the world that they never would have had to chance of getting exposure too. Men are nowhere near New York or London Fashion Week and see and the event the upcoming fashions from a brand in real time. This exposure can be great but sometimes there can be too much exposure.

Brands can sometimes let Menswear social media influencers showcase their clothing and items a little early but in today’s world of instant gratification sometimes customers will not be happy that they cannot get the item as soon as they see it and a preview may feel like a tease. Also when brands showcase looks that have not yet hit stores fast fashion brands like H&M and Zara will quickly copy the trends and get them on their floors maybe quicker than the original brand begin to sale the style. Social Media and have a negative or positive effect on menswear brands but it is defiantly changing the way we are exposed to Men’s Fashion.

Tehquin Hampton

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