Social Media Helping to Grow Photography

By Mary Cage | @MaryCagePTG

Photography is becoming an increasingly popular career and hobby. This rise in popularity is in large part due to social media, which has provided not only masses of photographs and stories of photographers to provide inspiration, but has also offered a platform for those with an interest and/or talent in photography to connect with and learn from others – including professionals. For professional photographers, social media has become essential to marketing their product and services.

On all social media platforms, millions of photographs circulate to reach clients and provide inspiration. Perhaps of all social media platforms, Instagram has had the greatest impact. It has been the catalyst in the creation of many amateur photographers, causing people to find a love for photography they did not previously know they had. In some cases, this has even led to people pursuing a photography career.

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Going hand-in-hand with this, social media provides a multitude of opportunities for these budding photographers to learn important photography and editing techniques, as well as instruction as to how to run a photography business should they choose to go that route. YouTube is full of such tutorials, as are other websites such as Digital Photography School, Phlearn and CreativeLive – all of which have a strong social media presence.

For professional photographers, social media has become a key role in their marketing. It is now how they reach most of their clients, who often find them on social media platforms. Social media has allowed photographers to grow their business, becoming a place where they can share their work among thousands, as well as announce any events or specials.

Altogether, social media now plays a significant part in the photography industry. Whether it is influencing amateur photographers or helping professionals expand their business, social media has had a very positive impact on photography.

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