The Dangers of Social Media

While social media can be a great resource for almost any company, it can also be a very dangerous. Companies can easily post content that can create a lot traffic and interest with their company with the public. There is an amazing opportunity for companies to put out consistent content as well. But there is also an inherent danger of becoming a joke, or meme, when the public gets a hold of your message. One recent example is the Los Angeles Chargers posting their new logo on twitter. Unfortunately, it was an objectively terrible logo, and the public ran with in. LA got completely roasted for days on twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. When the dust finally settled, an already disliked organization became even more disliked.

To be fair to them, the Chargers were doomed from the start from inept management. They were already despised for their recent departure from San Diego, so anything that came out would be met with negativity. But the point still stands, the quality of content put out matters more than the quantity or timeliness of it. Some of the most popular content creators only put out content rarely, and when it is complete.

Take for example, Bethesda, a video game company. They take years between games, longer than most companies will usually take in the industry. However, when they do put out a game, it is critically acclaimed and usually very deep and immersive. This same idea should be applied to social media content. If you can put out quality content, such as promotions, customer stories, and interesting points frequently, then good on you. But it is better to focus on making good content than frequent content.

A common saying in business is “all press is good press”, or some variation. However, this is definitively untrue. Just ask BP about the press they received from their oil spill. While your followers may not be as large as they could be for a while, they will be stronger and more likely to participate. And a strong follower base for a company or organization is all a company needs to get rooted into the market.


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