The importance of social media for branding.

By: Summa Aholo

We live in a world today that is connected all the time, in order to thrive you have to stay relevant, and for today’s fickle world relevance equals likes and exposure. That is where social media comes in to play, we have come a long way in the forms of social media in just a short time. Ten years ago there was no Twitter or Snapchat nor was there a Instagram, however today these media outlets are a key component to branding. In order to keep oneself in the public eye it is crucial to have at least one if not all three of these platforms. Not only does these social medial platforms connect you with many crucial publics, it also optimizes the exposure that is needed. With the easy accessibility of social media of likes and shares many brands can get free press and exposure, when it comes to branding nothing is more profitable for a company than free press.

The standard definition of branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.  However branding is more than just a symbol. Branding is the feeling and opinions of that product that the symbol evokes in the consumer, branding is loyalty. For these loyalties and strong approval to reach a multitude of consumers the brands need to be prevalent in consumer’s mind and with all the social media outlets available that is a possibility.branding source

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