Tweeters Gonna Tweet


by: Sasha Calamaco / @sashacee_

Either it be The Grammys, Emmys, MTV Choice awards, or some other event being aired. Giving out praise and awards to the ones that deserve it the most. Any big name social media presence is on Twitter QUICK and READY with the memes, gifs and pulled still photos from live tv with some witty caption. Seriously, how are they so fast?! (spot on majority of the time too)

For instance, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Refinery, they kill me. Social media engagement spikes with huge mainstream aired culture event happening, even with season premieres of shows dropping left and right. Someone, somewhere is pushing out something relatable from it, with the hopes of it being shared and viral. Even those ready to catch us up on the latest that we’ve missed. Incorporating the audiences both live and the people watching or streaming at home, from wherever around the world.
Hashtags, tweeting, showing live tweets on these shows amps views and brings it all back to higher engagement. Social media platforms hold a huge leverage over viewers, interest, popularity over audiences. Internet influencers play a big part in this, in a way is it a voice of a generation in the digital age. Let’s hold on for a second, could we try to imagine any type of culture event being aired and their not being someone live Tweeting it? Saying what we all may be possibly thinking. Or 20 seconds after we see someone presenting or is in the audience being caught off guard and immediately it’s turned into a very relatable or hilarious gif or meme under 140 characters? That answer my friend, is No. .
An image or a few words we all could have thought of, or seen, but didn’t share. These influencers did, and they do it well, almost every time.



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