Why Trolls Are Jokes

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From the Wednesday Class of 6:30


Let’s all be honest: we have all come to encounter internet trolls at least once in our social media – or internet for that matter – career. For those who are not sure of what these types of trolls are, they are internet/social media users that go online to purposely start arguments, harass other users, and just flat out try to find anyway to upset people on the worldwide web. However, these three simple statements regarding these problematic individuals should define why you should accept them for what they are: a grain of salt.

  1. Internet Trolls love hiding behind keyboards.

Whenever someone trolls someone else on the internet, they normally do this to strike a nerve with the hopes of there not being any type of consequence that may come after. Clearly, this displays a sign of cowardly behavior, which let’s be honest, nobody wants to come off as that. The easiest solution to getting around this type of tactic is simply just pressing the block button on that user.

  1. Internet Trolls never make sense.

Have you ever had an argument or conversation with someone and everything they said just made you wonder what was going on in their head? Well, trolls tend to speak nonsense when they attempt to troll others just by the simple fact that they have little to no knowledge on what they are talking about. Honestly, the best thing to do when you encounter this is just to laugh, because who wouldn’t like a good chuckle every now and then?

  1. Internet Trolls have nothing else better to do with their life.

Just to face the facts, trolls tend to strike at times that are the most convenient for them…. which happens to be all day. In this case, there’s only one thing to do: build yourself up and ignore their comments. Clearly, they don’t want to progress themselves and find joy in bringing others down to their miserable level.

To sum this post up, trolls are meaningless and they should not dictate what you accomplish in life. With that being said, keep up with the good vibes and prepare for what the real world has to offer…and not the internet world. Here’s some links to back up my belief on the subject.



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