Loosing the Human Touch?

Have you found yourself waiting in line for coffee?

or anything at all like to use the restroom, waiting for the teacher to arrive to class, at a Dr.’s office? what do you usually do? I know I don’t just stand there and talk to the neighbor next to me or ask them how their day is going? because why would you care about a stranger next to you when you can just turn on your cell phone and go to a social media and see how people that you are actually interested about are doing. Sounds a bit harsh right? Well when was the last time you talked to your neighbor, or the person you are having dinner with who is right in front of you? I am not against technology, I think it is the best human given gift we have! It’s a blessing and a curse. Did you know that “more than 800 million updates are recorded daily on Facebook”? (Fuller) No wonder the first thing we do when we pick up our phones is go directly into a social media! even if that’s not why we picked it up in the first place!

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So if business are doing more with Internet communications, then personal ones, where is the trust? how are we building rapport, gaining my relationship his having a personal connection to me, being personal not robotic. “the deeper the bond between customer and service or product provider, the harder it is to break, and, over time, the more satisfying the relationship becomes for both parties.” (Fuller) If we do business online then its easy to break off the deal. A monthly goody subscription for example, you get tired of it just go on the website and discontinue the subscription. But would it be different if I came to your door and got you interested in the subscription, and checked up on you by personally calling you or emailing you then we are building a relationship that hopefully will last.

Maybe that’s why there are a lot of products that are the same but from different companies, so how do you establish a personal relationship through digital communications? Well that is a good reason to come back and read my next blog post!

Thanks for reading! Carol Paiz


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