Trump Takeover

Since last year when the news broke out about, now current President, Donald Trump running in the 2017 election, media has had a constant eye on the 70-year-old billionaire. c4zxwsmvcaaofxw


When the presidential debates started there was media coverage on everything from the candidates, to Hillary Clinton’s podium, Donald Trump’s hairdo and the overly exuberant audience. But very quickly we started to notice a takeover in media covering the Trump family’s every move. Recently we’ve seen twitter posts about Ivanka Trump being “harassed” by Nordstrom.


Everyday we see President Trumps face on our national news channels and it seems to me that we’ve seen more of President Trump on the media than any other president in history, including former President Barack Obama; until the Joe Biden and Obama memes became hilarious..

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 10.30.12 PM.png                                                        (This meme is my favorite one)

What I have noticed, other than the outbreak of funny memes and constant Trump coverage, is that most of our National news channels like Fox and NBC are not referring to President Trump as President. They call him “Pres Trump” or simply “Trump”. Which in my opinion should not be okay whatsoever. We talk about todays media being very biased and “liberal” but when we say that are we talking about the professionals, the social media owners ranging from 12- year olds to 60-year olds or are we talking about everyone as a whole? Has Trump taken over our social and news media lives without even trying? Are we THAT engages in what he’s doing or are we just being followers in whats around us? Maybe it’s time to move on and realize that President Donald Trump, is in fact, our president and will be for the next 4 years.

So bring on the memes and Trump scandals, I’ll be tweeting about other important things like puppies and world hunger.

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