Johnny Manziel’s Football Moves

By: Macey Thompson

Everybody know’s the famous Johnny Manziel himself. Hottie from Tyler, Texas who started his fame at A&M.

Before I get started on Johnny, I’d like to refresh your mind that whatever you post on social media is there FOREVER. I repeat, FOREVER. Whether you post it only for one minute and regret posting it, it’s online forever. Sorry to bust your bubble. This goes for Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter and Facebook. Also, not only is it on your social media forever, but whatever you post reflects the person you are. So please, be aware of what you share.

Unlike our friend Johnny who has no sense in understanding what should go on social media. He has made a few mistakes, maybe a little bit too much. But he started out young at A&M.

Example A:

%name 11 Dumb Johnny Manziel Moves As Documented By Social Media

(Johhny Manziel official Twitter page)


As a college student, Manziel was not very wise.

Example B:

(image from Johnny Manziel Twitter)

For athletes, social media is not a joke. Whenever you are an athlete, no matter if it may be high school, college or the NFL; social media will affect you in a negative way if you are not safe with what you posts. Manziel has created a toxic reputation. Johnny Manziel is a perfect example of what you should NOT post on social media.

So please, be aware with what you post on social media, you never know who is watching your page.

But for now, Johnny is an unemployed loser due to living life like he belonged on the Jerry Springer show.

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