How Instagram Live Has Influenced Luxury Brands

By Maia Wilson


Instagram live was introduced late last year and has made a grand impact on all brands, but seems to be relating a huge impact on major fashion brands within the past few months. During Fashion Week brands have utilized this new feature in a never before seen way to stream shows as they are happening with little to no delay unlike Snapchat.

Throughout the fashion industry, Instagram has been the most liked social media platform, so with the emergence of this iconic new feature it has taken strong likings as well in this particular community. As read from The Business of Fashion, Tim Coppins, the designer of Pitti Uomo, a luxury menswear brand,  was the first to shoot his full show on Instagram Live. The live streaming gave users full behind-the-scenes access of his garments in addition to the view from the front row. What has been the greatest impact from this feature is the act of communicating and relating to his views on a more on-demand level that feels quite intimate to his followers.


Image Credit: Grazia Daily

In a recent article, from Marketing Week, a reporter states that though Instagram stories, live and other direct features will enhance the retail business, “one size doesn’t fit all.” Brands must realize this and focus on tactics that work for their business and increase profit. Burberry is one brand that has really focused on this strategy of custimizing their social media expereince for their customers. This has been by relating the immediacy of Instagram to their clothes. Instead of waiting “6 months for the latest collection, Burberry’s garments will be available directly following the show.” Their are many other brands that are similar in this tactic but still stay exclusive to their brand. For example Rebecca Minkoff does the see now, buy now but allows people who are actually in attendance to purchase through the app on the mobile devices given to them during the show. Ultimately if brands utilize social media correctly and personalize it their brand they will exceed in profit and customer loyalty, which is what every retailer want.


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