Denny’s Hits a Grand Slam with Their Social Media


Written by: Channing Nuttall

Denny’s has recently become a leader when it comes to social, but why is that? The company’s odd approach to social was not around until the brand hired marketing agency, Erwin Penland, to take over their social media in the summer of 2013. Erwin Penland has seen massive success since taking over the brand’s social media with an increase in followers of 150%. So, why has Denny’s seen such a spike in followers after the agency has taken over? Erwin Penland decided to create a unique voice for the brand by hiring people with creative backgrounds. Another reason they have been winning when it comes to social is that they are constantly monitoring for the next big thing on social so they can put their own spin on it.


Denny’s is also seeing success on social because they adjust their tone depending on social platform so their message consistently makes sense to the audience. Denny’s continues to be on their followers’ minds as they comment on everything from technological updates to pop culture to stay relevant. The social media agency is also working on pushing the customer to engage rather than simply favorite or like a post that was made by the brand.



Denny’s has found that their slightly odd sense of humor is attracting a highly sought after millennial market. The company’s online sense of humor can immediately be seen upon arriving on their Twitter page with an octopus wearing 3D glasses that is holding Denny’s breakfast items. Denny’s CMO, John Dillon, said their strategy is all about amusing the audience consistently so that, when they are hungry, Denny’s is at the top of their mind. The company works from many angles to ensure that the customer is amused and wants to engage with the brand online so that they are more likely to consider them the next time they are trying to figure out where to eat.

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