How Important Really is Social Media to the E-commerce World?


by Jacqui Simses

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So really, how important is social media to the E-commerce world? It’s MASSIVE! In order to survive this digital retailing phenomenon that has been on the rise, social media is a marketing strategy that has been (and is more than ever) vital for any online website where products or services can be purchased. Its purpose, online marketing that is, is to help companies establish a stronger web presence, generate leads and increase traffic.


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 The Use of Online Marketing

It’s a new world in marketing with the use of social media to promote E-commerce businesses. How many times have you seen an ad for a specific store or brand that you’ve searched for pop up next to a YouTube video you’re trying to watch? How many times have you been scrolling down your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feed and have seen ads pop up after every few posts? To some it’s annoying. But, what is beneficial for E-commerce businesses is that many social media users click those ads and get redirected into the realm of online shopping. Whether a company chooses to use paid search to have their ads appear more often or have a specific “social media” position within the company to perform these tasks, online marketing is everywhere for the everyday social media user. A significant percentage of advertising campaigns for brands and companies take place through almost all social media platforms.

Connecting with Your Audience

NEVER has it been easier to reach an audience for brands! Clearly, e-commerce marketers recognize the power of social media to connect with an audience. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are present nearly everywhere in our lives. Social media provides an effective way to attract the interest of the large audiences that use social media. Connecting means ENGAGING too! On the other end, people use social media themselves to connect with brands and companies they prefer.


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Overall, it is easy to notice how in order to improve the development of an E-commerce business, a well-structured social media strategy is important. Including social media in an effort to advance E-commence can be highly beneficial and you will start to notice now, if you hadn’t before, how prevalent these online marketing tactics for e-commerce businesses are when you take a closer look at your social media feeds.




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