Immigrant’s Impact

Thousands of people come to the United States of America every single day to provide a better life for their children, to live a safer life, and to achieve goals they may have never accomplished if they didn’t take the risk. A fear lies within making that choice, because anything can go wrong. President Trump is not making anything easier, but he is also the reason people are coming together to protest the unfairness behind his actions. On February 16, 2017 ‘A Day without Immigrants’ took place. It was something that captivated the attention of thousands of people across America. People decided not to purchase anything, parents did not take their children to school, people called in at work, and local businesses closed. This day protestrepresented the importance of immigrants. These types of movements are possible due to the platform social media has created for them. It is exciting to see people participate and get involved in these movements, because it means that it is working. However, one thing that is infuriating to me is the response. There were firings of employees soon after the peaceful protest, which is unfortunate. If anything employers should partake in the protest and stand next to the hard workers that come in every day. That is a personal opinion. There is a movie called ‘A day without a Mexican’  that wasn’t what this protest was, but definitely does a good job at giving a visual of what it could really be like. Not only with Mexican, but without any immigrant living in the United States. The first day without my dad was heart breaking. To realize many more would follow left me empty for years, especially when he wasn’t at my graduation. Immigrants are not just immigrants, they are someone’s sibling, father, mother, friend, or even coworker that comes in that Saturday you want to party. They are also the risk takers that make it, because not everyone does.

-Jacqueline Martinon

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