Influencer Marketing Moving Forward

By: Damian Jones

the_askgaryvee_show_ep176With constant developments in the Social Media world one can say it’s becoming just a little less challenging to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. A recent survey came out stating that “84% of marketers plan on implementing at least one influencer marketing campaign within the next 12 months!”. So many like minded marketers makes for a rather saturated social media presence with what seemingly looks like one common goal. Although the uniqueness that is one persons personal media should give an edge to certain figures one can’t help but wonder how long this type of marketing will be “in season”. I love the idea of influencer marketing however there’s so much work to be done and people to reach that clearly everyone can’t fulfill the role to the effect that they may want to. Being relatable in today’s world is the most important asset that you have going for you. If you can build an organic base and authentic connection with that base people will pay you to be the influencer. In 2016 a Forbes blog states “The other, more important, half comes from association. It’s happening everywhere, from a-list celebrities all the way down to tiny niche thought leaders. Even small businesses and boutiques will spend a bit of money for a social media influencer with a few thousand followers in their market.”. People with money are taking notice and the market is shifting in favor of the minority in my opinion. The minority being individuals who aspire to make an impact whether big or small and now realizing that there’s actually plenty of room in this ever growing and more interesting market. People that post consistent stories, vlogs, tutorials, outfits etc. are making a nice living doing what they enjoy! This is a beautiful time to be alive and ambitious! Influencer marketing has changed the game!

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