Is 24/7 News Helpful to Society?

By Erin Kennard


Being bombarded with news 24/7 has become a norm for our society. Can we actually process all this news we receive throughout the day? These news alerts come directly to our phone through social media, apps, and news organizations. Everything that goes on in the White House is constantly embedded in your news feed from each social media website we use. Word of mouth is another facet in which we receive 24/7 news, and this 24/7 new concepts can become very stressful. I pray for a week we can go without hearing about one of Donald Trump scandals in the White House.


Do we need to know everything Trump’s doing in the White House? Do we need to be stressing about Russia hacking the DNC? Did Russia even hack the DNC? Too much information and news are causing us to panic as a society. Knowing what’s going on in our Country is very important, but we as a society can’t keep up with Trump scandals, Russia hacking incidents, Every protest, Cop shootings, Beyonce pregnancy, Betsy Devos, and try to manage our life too.


Actor Denzel Washington spoke about receiving too much informations and News.


We walk around with our heads down in our phones; We go out to dinner with our families and nobody is interacting with each other, everyone is just on their phones. We refresh our twitter feeds every minute to find out another bizarre thing Trump has done.


Lets put the phones down and create better relationships with everyone and stop worrying about the news 24/7.






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