Is Social Media Making Us Look Dumb Even with Higher IQ’s

robotIt’s hard to remember a life before social media today. The first social media account I used was AIM, and the only reason I had that was because I hacked into my sisters and talked to all of her cute high school boyfriends (Yes, I was only in 3rd grade). It used to be so entertaining to see what new social platform was going to come out next, but now I’m almost “over it”. I’m just to the point I think social media is on its way to making us robots. I mean, come on… We all kinda look stupid walking around 24/7 with our eyes glued to our phones guessing which Kardashian just broke up with her hubby or what tweet Trump just blasted. We the people can’t even walk while being on our phones… check this out. Epic fail. So, is social media making us dumb? According to Sonia Simone, we are distracted. That’s a nice way to put it. Simone also said, “If you’re looking for reason to despair at the future of our civilization, all you need to do is get into a car. The roads are blocked with drivers pulling ever-more random moves while updating Periscope and playing game after game of Dumb Ways to Die, Cruel Irony Edition.” Is that seriously what our society is coming to? Swerving and risking our lives to updating your newest app out on the market. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a AVID social media addict. I spend at least 3 hours on my phone a day just scrolling (more so creeping) through my social media timelines. As much as I’ve been contemplating how dumb I believe social media is making us, apparently I am wrong. The American Psychological Association claims we are indeed getting smarter as day turns to night. The average person in 2012 had a higher IQ than 95% of the population in 1900! Okay, so maybe I’m just the dumb one for thinking we are all progressively getting dumber as the days go on. This particular article by Lea Wireman is super interesting. Just chatting it up about how much our IQ has gone up in the best decades. Even though studies say our IQ is on the rise, I think social media is making us into robots. It may not be making everyone more dumb, but I think social media is swaying us that direction. All I have left to say is, be careful next time your walking in a mall while on your phone, and try not to fall in.



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