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“One usually recognizes the least his greatest fault”(LEWIS F. KORNS, Thoughts) . When I realized that my Image result for child parentschildren, a split image of myself, I came to have much grief and pity on myself. Before I came to be in my own family I was never seen by myself as a low-self standard type of guy until I saw my child be themselves. This blog will consist of the first response to come up on  the search engine after searching a few terms.
First serach terms, parents who see themselves through their kids. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/10130378/Pushy-parents-see-their-children-as-extension-of-themselves.html.
Second search, Children resemble their parents. Why Do Children resemble Their Parents, Children Resemble Their Parents :: DNA from the Beginning.
From these two examples we can see how much we can think to help ourselves learn from our past. The hard thing is to realize that the children we care for and love is the same person as me.
I am not saying that the children are the greatest faults but from the least of the family we learn how great our faults are if we are ready to learn from what is put right in front of us.
Then how much can I learn form understanding my parents in me?

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