Somebody is watching me

As much as we love Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc ask your self  how safe do you feel putting out your personal information for the world to see? From bank information, home address, kids school. Do you feel like social media is starting to get out of hand or is it to late to close pandora’s box?

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a couple of years back a lot of celebrities got their nude photos licked by Icloud,  from Gabrielle Union,Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna and plenty more. This cased a lot of talk on social media making multiple trends. how much information should we allowed to be seen by public eye. Is the information we are putting out their really as secure as the would like us to thing?


Social media makes it easier to get sham. It is the playing field for the people who practice in illegal internet shaming, now a days you have to be careful on what you buy online. their a lot of fake websites that are their just to only steal your bank information$$$

Not to say social media is just bad you just have to be carful on he information you put out their it could really hurt you in the long run. and make sure to not just to be putting your bank information on just any website make sure the website has great reviews and its government approved.



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