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** DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional on the subject of immigration and its current laws in the US, I would simply like to reflect on my own thoughts over the subject and how I feel. I do not mean to offend anyone.

Since the last election, it feels like the nation is divided in two. While there are many reasons for this division, the main one always seems to focus on race and nationality and where you are from. The color of your skin, and what you look like. The texture of your hair and the languages you speak. In a country founded on diversity and equality, it seems the more diverse you are, the worse it may get.

In more recent events, President Trump has issued a travel ban targeting seven Muslim-majority countries, as well as has promised America a wall between Mexico and the United States. While these promises may seem far fetched, these acts have been enough to cause real panic nationwide. Because although many immigrants have gone through the painstakingly long process of applying to become a US citizen, he is also beginning to implement these rules on immigrants who have earned it.

As and American and someone who has many friends with immigrant parents and family who have rightfully earned their life in this country, it hurts to see such hard work, sacrifice, and dedication living in the shadow of uncertainty.

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Donald Trump’s actions have also caused nationwide protests, riots, and boycotts, hoping to bring justice and equality for all.

While most of these efforts make no change for the politicians who make the most important decisions, they are starting to open the eyes of fellow Americans, helping them see the pain being caused and how to make it better for everyone in the nation.

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