Trump the Dictator v. the “Fake News?”

Trump the Dictator v. the “Fake News?”

Kaleen Washington


( Picture taken by The Atlantic)

While it is no secret that President Donald J. Trump is not a big fan of the media, worries of him showing signs of a dictator are increasing by the day.

Trumps new favorite “fake news” seems to be excuse for everything since he has stepped into office. But on a serious note, what does this mean for America?

He recently claimed that media was the “enemy of the American people.”  How does that us effect us as a country? A country founded on free speech and the freedom of the press. Is his rhetoric a threat to the very principles we hold such dignity in?

On another note, many psychiatries are suggesting that Trumps language and anger towards the media is one very important sign of a dictator.

Several top politicians such as The House of intelligence Committee’s top Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff and Governor John McCain have even publicly stated their opinions of Trump’s influence and the potential damage.

In an interview with an NBC Journalists, McCain said“If you want to preserve democracy as we know, you have to have a free press.”

Trump’s constant media bashing is continuing to raise eyes from both parties at an alarming rate. And they are not taking his actions lightly and neither is his biggest enemy, the media.



(Picture taken by NBC News)

In turn, it seems as if Trump’s accusations are leading the media to press down even harder on him. No pun intended. So is this really how a democracy works? Is Trump displaying the first signs of a dictator? Or are we already under a dictatorship and unaware?

Whatever it may be, I believe that the people of America, all parties respectively, will understand the importance of Media and how much it impacts our society as we know it.

Also, I would like to keep my future job which I haven’t received yet.

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