“Turning sh*t-talking into respect”

By: Elva Valadez

Warning: Toilet Humor.


When someone has something ugly to say to you or about you, you have two options respond, or brush it off. I have heard, and served plenty of jokes about SmartCars, Prius, and Fiats. These tiny cars are easily a conversation starter when they pass by, and it seems like generally people either hate them, or love them.

Smart USA took a different approach after reading what the “haters” had to say. The twitter comments from people all over the US ranged from comparisons to bugs, to questions about safety. Smart saw the opportunity to inform its critics and fans alike through social media. Once the perfect tweet was found Smart used it to make a statement, instead of brush it off.



Smart loved the tweet and decided to investigate the actual amount of bird poop it would take to total a SmartCar. Smart found that it would take “4.5 million pigeon craps damage Smart’s tridion safety cell.” Their research was consolidated and made into an infographic for their response the next day. Interaction with the brand exploded after Smarts response to @Adtothebone. “Just the twitter page increased in followers by 1,755%. Mentions were up 2200%, Searches for the “tridion safety cell” spiked 333% and impressions reached a high of 22 million.”

Without having to spend a single media dollar, this experience for Smart and @adtothebone, was mutually beneficial. This kind of spotlighting by a well-known brand, and after engaging the user, delivers on the answers. This simple interaction made a huge difference; their brand wasn’t going to be the punch line forever, so they fired back, and in a humorous and informational way. Smart is coining their tactic has “humoring the haters”.


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