Engagements vs. Likes

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By: Kenya Mavhera

Many people tend to think that the amount of “likes” they receive on any social media website portrays their popularity status. Obviously the more likes you receive, the more well known people think you are but that’s not necessarily always true. When it comes to social media, it’s not always about the amount of likes you receive on a picture or a tweet, actually, it’s a lot more than that. The main purpose of social media marketing is to raise brand awareness, which means reaching out to as many people as possible and growing your audience. This is where engagements come in. Engagements refers to the interactions beyond reach and impressions you receive, such as clicks, comments, likes and shares. Twitter added a new feature several months ago that allows their users to see their engagements in each tweet they post. With the help of this feature, businesses and companies got a better idea of which content is was appealing to their audience. Companies have to make sure that they are watching and listening to what is attracting their audience, and talk with, instead of to them.

The more people that engage in your posts the more likely your post will appear in your engaged users friend’s newsfeed and that’s how posts go viral! The goal is to promote engagements and get followers actively retweeting and sharing your posts. Engagement is the essential key to better measure weather or not your audience is receiving the message you’re trying to portray. When you have people sharing and retweeting your posts there’s a higher chance that an even bigger audience will come across it. So yes, having a lot of likes on your pictures can make you feel popular or well known but that doesn’t mean your content is being seen by many viewers. So next time you’re scrolling down your feed and liking people’s posts make sure to pay attention to your engagements and not just how many likes you  receive because it’s a lot more then that!

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