We Make Evil People Famous Sometimes

By Tyler Hanson

Milo Yiannopoulos was, for the most part, unseen and unheard by me until a few weeks ago. I had heard his name being thrown around like he was Voldemort across social media but at least I didn’t have to know what he was saying and doing. That is until social media threw around his vile philanthropy my way.

I came across his tweets on my feed because people I follow were retweeting him to say how disgusting and wrong this man is. Well…now more people have seen him from that retweet and I am not a fan. We have given him a wider audience just to criticize him and feel glorious that we disagree with a rusty stain of inhuman vomit.

We are retweeting Donald Trump, too. We were doing that when he decided to run for office. We gave him a larger audience and that larger audience has the choice of agreeing with him and retweeting this “god send” (I heard that today by my sweet neighbors that I hate to not be on the same page with, but sadly, I am.)

We are giving villains more space to be crude against the minorities and majorities that are being marginalized and attacked already. Milo’s words can murder a pure soul and twitter, facebook, and maybe 8 other apps are giving him a bigger speaker phone. Kids are sadder and  horses no longer drink from the river because they are constantly being told how poisonous it is by the younger crowd, and how lucky they are that its not as poisonous as it once was by the elders. Either way, let’s gather together as a nation and stop retweeting the people that are hurting others. Give them less room to speak. I’m talking to you, Bill Maher.


Don’t listen anymore.


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