President Trump Will Not Be Attending Correspondents Dinner

It was announced earlier today on Twitter that President Trump would not attend the Correspondents Dinner. It would be the first time in 36 years for a president to skip the event and it comes as no surprise since President Trump declared war on the fake news media in previous weeks. Nerd Prom is going to be cut short a president this year. The question is why did President Trump cancel and what could this mean for the future of social media?

For starters, President Trump announced his absence from Twitter. He is sure to announce all his major announcements from this medium since he can reach the largest audience easily. I think social media is going to continue to gain traction as news coverage heightens during the Trump presidency. In regards to speculations, I believe Trump not liking the press associates with not attending the event. This may lead to larger problems later on because the press is involved in every event. They are responsible for reporting the facts on stories. If Trump shuts them out, this could lead to several concerns about his presidency down the road.

It is a strange move coming from the president. This would be an appropriate time to take shots at the press like former presidents did. It’s a light hearted event. I’m sure he realizes he is going to be the joke of the evening. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tweets about the Correspondents Dinner while it is happening. Also, the event is held in the White House. Where will he be doing while the event is happening? These are important questions that the press should ask the president.

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