The Impact of Social Media in Sports

By: Evan Haras

We as the public seem to have some sort of social media accounts or have been familiarized with them by now. Social media sites give us a way as humans to remain connected, share ideas, and stay informed with the world. The more time our generation has with these relatively social media accounts the more we are starting to learn on the advantages it brings to us, as well as how to most effectively use them. The expansion of social media in sports has been apparent and has helped franchises gain more revenue as well as create a much larger fan base. Following or friending the social media accounts of your favorite team allows for fans to better connect with the team and stay informed by posting schedules and important game headlines. Also, players now a day have a better way to advertise themselves and get their name out there. Fans follow their favorite athletes to see what a day for them is like only increasing the player’s chances of selling more jerseys. Players also make followers feel like a part of the circle by replying to fans and having conversation about the game. Live tweeting is another popular tactic that teams are now doing on social media. Live tweeting is when a team posts statuses about the score of the game and big plays to keep the follower informed always if they have to step away from the television or radio. A good way that teams keep followers active on their page is that teams will offer prize giveaways in which it might require an action such as a retweet to win tickets. Teams with a strong social media presence allows teams to better advertise ticket prices in which they will have a link which will immediately allow you to buy one game or show prices and packages to become a season ticket holder.

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