3 Unexpected Tips for Using Instagram


With the technology of social media improving every day, one app that has become extremely popular in the past few years is Instagram. Instagram was created for people to solely post pictures and a caption to go along with it. Over time they have developed into adding locations of the pictures, tagging the people in the picture, making it available to post videos and now Instagram stories. There are controversies as to why Instagram feels the need to constantly change the uses for it, but many people are now extremely excited when something new it introduced.

Because Instagram is growing every day, I’m going to talk about some out of the ordinary ways that Instagram can be used for places like businesses or for the brand themselves.

The first way is through creating business or brand profiles. Theses individual profiles will promote the product and can also buy ad space on Instagram for certain viewers to see. This is all generated off of a database with what certain users like and will link it to who matches up with the product.

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The next use for innovation is through giveaways. Nothing grabs the attention of a potential buyer like giving away a poduct that they are interested in. Different brands will do it different ways, but personally I have seen where there are times to comment on a post by tagging 3 friends, then you are entered in a chance to win the product. This gets people excited about the new things coming and gives them a way to interact with the company on social media.

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The third useful tip for Instagram users is through Instagram stories. We have all seen how impactful Snapchat has become over the past year with the stories and the news section. Even though it took a little time for people to get used to it, It is now becoming more and more common for brands and companies to post their products on an Instagram story. This will have a quick and easy way to reach customers, without always clogging up their actual timeline.

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All of these things have different ways of engaging a potential buyer. Whether it is a company looking to buy a lot of one product or an individual consumer looking to buy a t-shirt from an online boutique, both of them can gain many benefits through using the features on Instagram.


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