A Day Without Immigrants

By TingHsuan(Rose) Kuo

On this Thursday February 16, has become nationally known the day without immigrants.


Photo Credit: CNN

As a legal immigrant, I found myself questioning where I stand on this day. My current status is F1 visa which granted me an entry to the United State for studying purpose. In order to obtain a F1 student visa for me, I have to get in to an American college who is willing to sponsor me. The sponsorship form from the school is called I-20, I have to renew it almost every year and bring it with me along with my visa every time I leave the States and needs to return back the country. I also have to pay twice as much of in-state tuition plus international student fee and required health insurance that’s offered by the school. I can’t work outside of campus, I am only limited to work on campus no longer than 20 hours a week. We are required to take at least 4 classes each semester and have to maintain a good GPA for us to retain the visa. Each review for all these different documents usually take up at least 2 to 3 months, and each application cost at least $200 and up.

When you have to carry all of that, go through all that process and paying all these ridiculous fees, would you still want to be a legal immigrant? And side note, none of the applications are guaranteed an approval. Illegal immigrant technically is not limited to any rules as long as they don’t get caught. International students can only apply to limited scholarship while undocumented students are offered many scholarship opportunities. I don’t support illegal immigrants but at the same time I understand why they did what they did. I was fortunate enough that my parents can support my decision to come here, but there are people who can’t and are trying to do something to get “the better life”. And this is where my dilemma come in. I was monitoring everyone’s comment on twitter on this day. Different sides of opinion flowed in within seconds, and became the trending subject on twitter’s feed. It was interesting to see everyone’s opinion on the topic of immigration, though I didn’t feel comfortable to post any of my thoughts. Some comments made me see various reasons for whichever side they stood for and some comments were just ignorant and idiotic.


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Social media helps us to express our opinions freely, especially twitter. These comments we make, other people choose to like it (agree) or share it. However, people are so obsessed with the amount of “likes” and “shares”, we started to make comments that we think our followers will agree with. The social media platforms become manipulated by the popular and not all posts are truthful anymore. There were many users making post on the #daywithoutimmigrants without actually knowing the facts and data. It seemed like they were making statements and supporting the event to get likes. Those thoughtless comments made me mad from just reading through them. The opinion is not honest anymore and no one seems to care to spend the time to understand the issue. The news information we get from media sometime are twisted and one sided. It is crazy that some of us believe the one-sided story is the whole story.


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