Entertainment, News, and Engagement in a Snap

By: Kayla Henson // @kayla_hensonn

Of all the social media accounts there are to offer, Snapchat has very quickly become one of the fastest-growing and popular ones. Constantly offering new geo-filters and camera lens effects, they keep their audience very engaged and excited to update to receive new features. While other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram do well at staying consistent and not shaking things up too much or too often, Snapchat is constantly pushing the envelope. So, what makes Snapchat so addicting to consumers, and what keeps people coming back for more?



Well, simply put, Snapchat does things differently. Its whole set-up is based around the concept of instant streaming. It puts the viewer in the passenger’s seat of other’s lives, in real-time. For example, someone could be watching their favorite band play and could put up a Snapchat story video of their best song. Everyone who is allowed access to this person’s story can then watch it and feel like they were also there.

Additionally, because the stories are set to expire after exactly 24 hours, this gives the app a whole new sense of urgency. This encourages the audience to check their accounts at least once a day to ensure they don’t miss a single post. Unlike accounts like Twitter where content is always available unless manually deleted, Snapchat creates a sense of urgency that encourages viewers to tune in consistently. Based on this, it makes sense why Snapchat was ranked the second most engaging social network, right behind Facebook.

Another thing that sets Snapchat apart from other platforms is the way it’s set up so that the audience can put forth minimal effort to view stories. In example, one could just click on any given news source’s Snapchat square in the app and mindlessly click through as they please. This can be relatively compared to the act of watching TV, as it doesn’t require constantly scrolling like other social media platforms. The deviation from scrolling is one of the most under-looked yet important parts of Snapchat, and what keeps its audience coming back for more.

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