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so their is this new movie out called “Get Out” I have never seen it but lately a lot of my friends on social media been talking . They were saying how great of a movie it is, and me reading the reviews listening to how much people loved the movie made me curious in wanting to go see it.

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I am not a big advocate in horror movies, infect I hate scary movies to tell you the truth, but as much as I hate scary movies I love a good movie more, if you catch my drift? Ive seen a lot of the previews and to be honest didn’t want to go see it at first only because I thought the movie would spark some type of negative tension or even worse start a riot, mainly because of all the wrongful killings that have been surfing the web and televisions of young African Americans.

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All the positive feedbacks  on how great of a movie “Get out” was really got me excited to go watch it. This little experience helped me to realize not to judge a book by its cover, and the power of media.How the power of the media was able to change my mind on watching a movie. I would of missed out on something great if I never got on my social media. I say thank you media for allowing me to see stumble among what might be the best horror movie in my life.

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