How Is Social Media Taking Over the Fashion Industry?

By KeAndra Hill


Social Media’s influence on industries is insane. The fact that I can write three blogs about its affects on one industry alone says a lot. And, not to mention, the many ways industries can be affected by social media.

Now the affects have gone as far as to replace many industry officials with younger, more digitally-accustomed officials in high position jobs. Consider my first blog of this year, the story about David Beckham’s son receiving the job of photographing for Burberry’s newest campaign due to his six million+ Instagram followers. Recently in 2015, Allure magazine pushed out its founder editor of 24 years to replace them with an editor of much younger age and much more acclaimed digital knowledge. This is all happening because major fashion houses are realizing the amount of influence social media has and, even more, the amount of influence peers have.


A recent study shows that 35% of millennial women would agree that social media has a huge influence on their clothing purchases (i.e. bloggers). And consider the ‘selfie’ trend, many people do not want to be photographed in the same outfits multiple times. I can personally guarantee that there is an influence on purchases considering big events and people wanting something new to showcase in their social networks. Bloggers are one of the biggest influences of media, so much so that fashion houses are becoming worried with their loss of control and influences which in turn lead to losses in sales.

Fashion houses are realizing they need to take action and get with the program. By really focusing on their social media platforms, companies can have more control over what their consumers are… well consuming. They will have better control of their brand identity and personality. Companies can also use bloggers to their advantages by creating community engagement among consumers; consumers will influence and persuade each other. Success of these endeavors have been shown through campaigns like #IDoinChoo, #CastMeMarc, and #BareSelfie (look them up!).


Now many social mediums are allowing for ads. Fashion houses, if you can’t bet them, join them!








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