Is Social Media poisonous to our health?




By James Elimian

Now I know what you’re thinking, there is no way that social media could have any negative effect on you, especially with all the good you can do online. On social media, you can keep up with loved ones and friends, get job opportunities, fall in love, and help those in need. With all those positive things mentioned, it’s hard to think one would have concern that being on social media could affect their health. Well think again.


According to an article by The Independent in which they revealed the fears users have that social media is making them ill, they stated that the APA (American Psychological Association) conducted surveys and they found that the people who constantly checked their social media were on average more stressed than the average user who didn’t use social media. On a scale from 1-10, social media users were on average ranked a 5.5 on the stress scale compared to those who didn’t use social media who were an average 4.4. They reported that the people who constantly checked the events of the world were more stressed than the ones who didn’t check on social media. Another stressor for those in tune with social media, can be the feeling of missing out when seeing post or photos of their family or friends traveling, or doing things fun. Now with all this information one would think the best solution to distress yourself from social media would be to free yourself from the intricate trap of social media. Even though according to the article “65 per cent of Americans” agreed in the study done by APA that “unplugging” themselves would be a healthy solution, only “28 per cent” that agreed it was important to take a break from social media actually end up doing so.

It makes you wonder whether social media is more of a menace or an ally.



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