My Dear Man!

By: Markist Choice

Once long ago there was a phrase. ‘Man and machine’ some would say when talking about automobiles, machinery and even aviation. This is slowly beginning to change. Just as the sun slowly moves slowly over the horizon women and machines are beginning to replace men in many job markets. The question is, what happens when they don’t need us anymore?

First the machines, which were supposed to make the working task more bearable. Giving way to more production being able to be completed and businesses being able to hire less manual labor.

Now the machines along with computers have made their way into our homes machines such as Amazon’s Alexa. Replacing maids and personal assistants. Not only in our homes are the machines coming but also on the battlefield with machines like Boston Dynamics quadruped robot. Introduced in 2005 to help the military potentially carry supplies and wounded soldier to the battlefield. Its slowly making a comeback after being “shelved” for being considered too loud for combat. Then there’s Taranis by the British defense company BAE Systems. Taranis is an upcoming unmanned combat aerial vehicle capable of carrying out attacks on targets semi-autonomously. The unmanned craft first flew in 2013 and is expected to enter combat zones by 2030.

All this being said it makes a young man wonder, what is your purpose. According to the U.S. Department of Labor 57% of able bodied women make up the labor force. Leaving the question to mind what are men doing? While women may earn “78 cents for every dollar men earn.” According to an article Marguerite Ward at CNBC. Women surprisingly outnumber men in the workforce.


Perhaps throughout the year’s men have gotten lazy and decided to stop working like the men before them. Perhaps rising competition from women has driven men out of the workplace and into the home. Whatever the reason may be men are slowly becoming obsolete. The real question men around this country should be asking is, what happens when it’s no longer man and machine. What will you do when its woman and machine. When you are serving the woman you once told to make a sandwich the sandwich you’ve just made for her. That’s not even the worst part, the worst part is what happens when the machine can do a better job than you. check your girlfriends top drawer, the evidence is already there. What happens when women just don’t need men anymore.


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