By: Makayley Lindsey

In case you have other obligations on a Sunday night, other than watching the Oscars, you can certainly count on social media to keep you in the loop of everything that happens throughout the awards show. Anyone can follow along by using #Oscars.

Before the awards started, people went to social media to share who they believe should win each award. According to Forbes article, the voting process is much more extensive than simply voting on Instagram or Twitter.

The above article, lists out who they believe would win if social media had a chance to actually pick who wins. “But if the general public did decide on the Oscar winners via social media buzz–a measure of audience enthusiasm–here’s who would walk away with statuettes. After all, those able to win the passion of the audience and the praise of the critics have the best of both worlds.” (forbes)

Ellen DeGeneres has already tweeted that Justin Timberlake’s opening act was “perfect.”


Viral moments have happened before through out the show with hash tags to let others join in on the conversation. I am curious to find out what will be trending by the end of tonight’s awards.

I think that social media is a good way for people to try to stay connected with others who are also following the show live. It is also a good way for people to follow along with all of the surprises that happen through out the night.



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