Pocket Points

By: Karsyn Scherer

In recent years people have started using their technology more and more. It is to the point that if we do not have our phone with us, we feel lost. But what happens with phones become a distraction from our school work?

A company by the name of Pocket Points came up with a way to entice students to stay off their phones and get their work done. Pocket Points gives students rewards for the time they are off their phones while on campus. The app uses location and wifi to ensure students are on campus. All students need to do is download the app, open the app, lock their phone, and get their work done!

The points students earn while staying off their phone can be cashed in for discounts online and at local businesses. For example, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, students can redeem 10 points for free chips and queso with any purchase. Who wouldn’t want a deal like that?

There are two things people love: saving money and their phones. Therefore, companies are capitalizing off of the need for students to use their phone. By linking technology, deals and school habits, Pocket Points has been able to create a business.

To make the app more sociable, students can see who has earned the most points at their school each day. It makes the app competitive and engaging: two things that college students thrive off of.

Pocket Points has used Twitter and Facebook to market itself since they know that is what their target market is frequently on. They also give out promotional codes to entice constant usage of their app. Plus, they give double the points on Tuesday. All of their incentives keep a constant stream of users.


Figure 1 Photograph from Pocket Points’ Twitter Account

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