Pope Francis Tweets Against Social Media

Pope Francis Holds Weekly Audience

By: Brooke Girton

Although Pope Francis has been taking advantage of social media to reach his followers and be more approachable, he does not think that social media is the way to heaven. Some people find it ironic that he actively speaks against social media on social media platforms such as Twitter. He often uses the platform to start conversations about religion and political events and get people involved, but he believes it is much more important to set a good example for others in the real world. He would prefer his followers to go out into the world and be kind to each other, rather than retweet or like his posts. He has had several critics on Twitter because of his “so-called” example. However, the Pope never suggested that people should get off social media altogether. He merely stated that it should not be more important than your actions because social media does not change or affect the lives of others.

As of late, the Pope’s involvement in politics has brought controversy to the Vatican. His political posts and comments have rubbed some Trump supporters the way. Pope Francis stated that those who build walls instead of bridges are not Christians. Although this seemed to be a clear attack on Trump’s foreign policies, the Vatican defended it as a comment on the world and how divided we have become.

Social media may be a great way to connect and share the faith with others but it can also push people apart. People of faith have many different political opinions and ideals. When the Pope shares his take on political policies, even with good intentions, it alienates followers who do not feel the same. Can you not be a Christian if you have different political beliefs than the Pope? Sure, there are wrong ways to govern a country, but there is certainly not one right way.

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