Should You REALLY Post That…

By: Sasha Calamaco / @sashacee

We all post- now that be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, linkedIn all the things. We have them all.  Now, what we post on each of those platforms may be totally different. Have you ever thought if what you’re posting may be what stops you from getting hired?

Things have changed a lot in the media world since our parents have been through the job searches and hunts. They didn’t have post to search if sally posted about her amazing avocado and toast she ate for brunch yesterday morning. Or if Phil got wasted at that rager he crashed last night, but still got to his interview on time. They had no clue, what a time to be alive then- and now.

Believe it or not, social media is affecting our hireability now more than ever. Now people can find anything and everything we are on just by a simple google search. Most of hiring is found by a network medium. Definitely make me double think about things before I send out that 140 character or less Tweet, along with that meme. As much as I would want to, maybe that one photo of that not so flattering moment.

We all want great jobs, people to find us knowledgeable and teachable give or take other qualities. Knowing and being aware that employers are looking into us beyond our resumes will help us in the long run. All down to what it is they’re looking into on our professional profiles from: cultural fit, mutual connections, industry related post, (no, not twitter) they’re talking about past work and current interest.


Basic DO NOT’s (t0 list a few)

  • -Sexual content post
  • Poor spelling and grammar
  • Discriminatory
  • Bad mouthing
  • Poor communication skills

But don’t be overwhelmed and delete everything you’ve ever posted anywhere, check out Lifehacker , they break it down for us in a minimal infographics and not so overbearing paragraphs we can all get through and understand.  


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