Social media; a great way to connect soccer fans in Ecuador

By Fernando Guzman

Social media is becoming more important than ever before everywhere in the world. Social media can make your life easier knowing how to use it and getting the advantage of it. Now time has come, for social media to be available in the most powerful Ecuadorian soccer team, Barcelona sporting club. After a very poor administration in the last 2 years, Barcelona’s new president Jose Cevallos has done an excellent job so far. As a way to connect fans and therefore make them feel part of the club, he created the Barcelona app, where it shows the results, the fixture, and current news of the team. Through the app, fans are now able to become a paid member of the club by paying $40 dollars per month and getting the benefits from being a paid member of the club. It is good to know that one year ago Barcelona did not have this app, and becoming a paid member of the club was very difficult for people that do not live in the city as well as for people that is out of the country. Also the official twitter account of the club @BarcelonaSCweb started to be more active as never before. “There are several fans overseas, that wanted to become a paid member of the club and that way contribute to the team that is going through hard times because of the debt caused by the ex administration, and now is time to come all together to overcome this situation” said Jose Cevallos, Barcelona’s president. After Cevallos became the president and created the app to get more paid members, Barcelona is being increasing and increasing the number of paid members, it went up from 5 thousand fans to be now in 20 thousand fans in less than a year. This helps Barcelona not only in the economy, it also helps the image of the team in every sense of the word, big teams such as Barcelona needed to have this app to engage and connect fans with the team in such way. After all, fans overseas are finally connected and contributing to the team of their love and they are the ones that got the most benefit through this app. This is how great social media can be, it can bring a lot of benefits in nowadays, as an example is this one right here with Barcelona, becoming the first Ecuadorian team in having such app.” It was the best decision we could it have made, we are getting new paid members every day, and fans are constantly giving their opinions in the discussion board, we are able to read what they say in such an organize way, and we can connect easily with them, specially with the fans living overseas, we are happy to bring this club back where it deserves” said Jose Cevallos.  Social media a way to put all the fans together and be one, perfect for soccer teams.

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