Social Media and Celebs by Cameron Harlow

Social Media and Celebs
by Cameron Harlow

Celebrities can get away with anything- especially stupid Tweets and posts. I swear to you. Typing “U” and “your” when they mean to say “you are”… it’s ridiculous. Or when they use the wrong form of a word, or misspell a word, or don’t think about what they’re about to say-.. it just gets annoying. And maybe I’m just super strict when it comes to proper grammar in 140 characters, but it’s still frustrating to see so many people with several thousand (or million) followers that do. Not. Use. Proper. Grammar. So here’s a list of five infuriating tweets that got my blood boiling- and then had me laughing in disbelief.


  1. Mary J Blige has 5.95 million followers and can get by with Tweets like this? – “Why is that people always try to understand estimate my intelligents?! They should never do that!..”
  2. Cher, with 3.27 million followers is just a little much– “Just because I don’t Run around Shouting from the Rooftops ‘look how Caring I Am & how MUCH I DO 4 Suffering PPL” i
    Know Who I Am
    U Do 2”… 
  3. Chris Brown (who has 19.7 million followers) is confusing the brain with another part of the body I guess…
  4. Zayn Malik, with 21 million followers, has too many to choose from so he gets two of the five slots today… The first made me so angry because if he would’ve spoken it out loud I guarantee he wouldn’t have even thought about tweeting that.Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 7.55.47
  5. And second, “Goodnight or good morning to you all depending on where in the world you are !! 🙂 hope your all good xx”. To which I thought, “Hope my all good xx what??”


Needless to say, I  spent the majority of my time laughing pretty sarcastically at these wildly successful people over their lack of grammar education. There are plenty of hilarious articles similar to this one that criticize celebrities far worse than I have just done.

I don’t think it’s absurd to ask for a world full of correct spelling and proper speaking. But maybe I could be a little slower to unfollow someone simply because they just don’t know how to write. Maybe.

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