The Cerebral Celebrity (An article by Taylor Green)


So, let’s talk about celebrities and how they have come to the temptation of cyber bullying each other. For some odd reason, in today’s civilization, we have adapted an online form of social media called social networks. Some examples of these social networks happen to be websites (or apps if you’re using a smartphone), such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more outlets. Of course, we as human beings also have idols that we look up to, and in most cases in the present, we just happen to idolize celebrities. The reason for this assumption is based on how the celebrity themselves have influenced society’s interests in pop culture, thus establishing idolization between celebrity and ordinary person. This can however be a dangerous trait because we see celebrities go online to their social media sources to either gripe, complain, cheer, or depress their fans/followers with their own personal doings. Now, if you’re like me, and you try not to pay attention that much to what a celebrity says on their social media pages, then this issue is not targeted for you. However, if you do listen and believe in all the hype that celebrities say in their posts, STOP. By giving these “too rich for their own good” individuals control your perceptions and thoughts by simply stating their own and demanding attention from people. This type of behavior has resulted into conflict in the past through debates, wars, and failed negotiations with such examples such as the Iraq war. This idea can be applied in everyday life as we will see what a celebrity will say, and some people will just reenact the thought of it. In conclusion, if we allow celebrities to let their own thoughts control us, we will then define the idea of “mind control” and further ourselves away from a progressive livelihood. Check out the links below to see more information on this topic.

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