The Importance of Micro Influencers


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The Importance of Micro Influencers


By: Michaela Bull


There has been an increasing popularity in the idea of a micro influencer among brands. The concept is different from using your expected celebrities or Instagram famous models with hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of followers. Using micro influencers is about promoting your brand through people with a moderately low to medium follow rate that are appropriate to your brands niche market. These people are more likely to have a higher impact on their followers and engage in today’s fast paced word of mouth marketing. The reason these people are significantly more important to pay attention to now is that due to their lower follow rates, studies have shown that their engagement is much higher than those with thousands of more followers. I think this is closely connected to the theory that these people are more approachable, relatable, and therefore trustworthy over those with a higher follow count. After a point it becomes hard for the consumer to trust someone with over a million followers. Consumers are well aware that these people are getting paid to support brands and are questioning the sincerity of their reviews. Micro influencers allow the consumer to create a stronger bond of trust as they may seam to be more relatable.

Companies such as La Croix have begun utilizing micro influencers in spreading brand recognition and overall conversation of the brand. Their approach to digital marketing has proven successful as they offer opportunities for their consumers online to engage in fun and interactive ways. The brand encourages its consumer to post their experiences and usage of the product with hashtags #LaCroizLove and #LiveLaCroix to create a community online and engage in a participatory campaign. La Croix will sometimes reach out to people who used the hashtag and give them a voucher of some kind for their product as a gesture of true appreciation. The brand to consumer relationship is closer as they allow the consumer to be the influencer. Using micro influencers for La Croix is appropriate for their brand image and continues to encourage a close knit and trustworthy bond.




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