The use of Social Media at the Oscars


By Amairani De La Sancha


The Academy Awards are airing tonight and sponsors will be receiving a lot of social media attention during and after the award show. In 2016, sponsors like People magazine, and Maybelline New York gained a lot of buzz. Even designers get attention because celebrities wear their gowns and tuxedos. It helps new designers get their name out there and spread the word to the public. A night like this generates so much buzz because people get excited over what celebrities wear and do. They watch this show to see if their favorite actors won an award or if their favorite movie won an Oscar. Last year, on Facebook 24 million people were discussing the Oscars and they generated millions of posts. Also in 2016, Oscar Twitter mentions were 3.9 billion this helps movies and actors become more popular and so sales grow because people then go to the theater to watch these films. The Oscars are important for actors and everyone in the film industry in order for their films to keep buzz and make more money.

The Hollywood Reporter, Chrysler, Target, L’Oréal, and Delta Airlines are among the Sponsors at this year’s 2017 Oscars.

In recent years, before the age of social media Oscar nominees and film companies would have to learn different ways on how to create major buzz for their films. Now they use social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to check on how their films are being rated online by regular people. They call it “social listening” because they gather information on films and use it to learn how to better market movies to the rest of the public. Academy voters are respectively older than the individuals on Twitter, and Facebook. Social listening will most likely not make a film win an Oscar, but when film studios look at those results they will know how to encourage other individuals to go out and watch their films.

After tonight’s show we will get to see how well the Academy Award sponsors did in mentions on their social media accounts.

Here is the link to the Academy Awards twitter account to figure out which actors and movies won an Oscar.

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